I struggle with workism. The need to find value and worth in the work that I do. I was listening to a podcast that hit me hard where I have been at mentally for a long time, so I decided to pull over and share my struggle with it and how I have been working to improve my problem with workism. If you’re in the same boat as me hopefully this is helpful! ⠀
Before you can fully understand what you are running towards, you must understand what you are running from. It will require a lot of uncomfortable digging and courage, but once you understand your unique advantage you will be unstoppable. ⠀
I believe entrepreneurship is a mindset. In this video, I cover my favorite two qualities that I believe are required to become a successful entrepreneur and share some answers I have gotten from fellow successful business leaders. There is no doubt the great entrepreneurs of our time are set apart by who they are, and this video is some insight into those key qualities that make them great.
Being successful starts with having the courage to say “I Am Willing.” I am willing to fail. I am willing to learn. I am willing to change who I am. One of the main reasons I had success with QALO was my willingness. The sooner you admit you don’t know everything, the better. Always remember the first step to success starts with a willingness.
I just finished reading these books in March and wanted to recommend them as two books to read in quarantine. They are a perfect addition to your day while you are staying at home dealing with the stress and monotony of life. The two books are: Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren and Everybody Always by Bob Goff
It is a very anxious time in the world with the coronavirus spreading across the globe, and if you are a leader who has people that are looking for guidance this video was created for you. Companies are affected. Families are affected. It has shaken us all. There are high levels of anxiety and people are looking for leaders to step up and provide stability during this difficult pandemic. I hope this video can help support you in your leadership in anxious times.
The three areas you need to focus on to manage your team’s anxiety are:
1. Create structure for your team
2. Don’t paint with a broad brush (address each member’s anxiety)
3. Take time to self-reflect
If you think it is time to hire your first employee you probably should have done it six months ago, but that’s okay! You’re here now! The time has come! You’ve finally decided to pull the trigger. Woohoo! Then you realize…wait…I’ve never hired anyone before…This is where I come in.
Often what happens with first hires for entrepreneurs is it starts off really great, but then over time the employee becomes more of a hassle to you than a value to your business, because you made some mistakes when you hired them. It can be so exciting to bring someone on your team, but it is the first step to growing your business, which means it can also be a little scary. I wanted to help you avoid making your life more difficult by giving you 5 tips for hiring your first employee. Follow this advice and hopefully, this employee works out perfectly, makes your life easier and is the first of many!

Taking your brand to events can be expensive, long, and a lot to manage as a founder, but they can be very valuable if you go to the event with a plan. I recorded this video from the Go Pro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado and in it, I share the best plan to get the most out of events to make sure all that time and effort is worth it.

In this video, I challenge you on your pursuit of knowledge and the work you have put in to be confident in what you believe. A lack of deep knowledge of a subject leaves us wavering when that knowledge is met with any form of opposition. This video is titled Knowledge Over Opinion because I believe humans have become lazy in our pursuit of knowledge and we far too often settle with the unvalidated opinions of others.

There are so many influencers out there but who is right for your brand? My guest on the show Cody Wittick from Kynship Influencer Marketing Agency explains how to find the right influencer to grow your brand loyalty as well as the concept of product seeding. Please Like and Subscribe if you appreciated the video!

When you’re operating on a tight budget every dollar counts. Cody from Kynship Influencer Marketing Agency answers the burning question on whether or not you should pay influencers to help grow your brand and what you should get in return if you do. Enjoy!

I sit down with Cody Wittick who runs the influencer marketing agency, Kynship, to discuss how to get Instagram Influencers to wear your product for free. He takes us through the step by step process to connect with influencers and get your brand name out there without a huge budget. This video is for you if you have been struggling with: – How to send a DM? – The structure for sending an influencer a message? – Getting your product to influencers to wear and share – How to use IG to market your product
The world came to a halt on Sunday with the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and 7 others as a result of a helicopter crash in Calabasas. The news hit us with an avalanche of emotions that were more difficult to process than we ever thought they could be. It felt like we had lost a member of our family. In this episode, KC Holiday and Jordan Green discuss the impact Kobe had on them, reflect on his greatness and wrestle with the confusion of tragedies. Being from Southern California and growing up watching Kobe Bryant made this especially hard for KC who has been a die-hard lakers fan since he was a kid because of the impact Kobe Bryant had on him. Watch and process with us as we honor the loss of a legend.
Jordan brings his personal tradition of choosing a word of the year to the Kingdoms and Creators series as they get started tackling their plan for the new year. KC and Jordan choose their individual words, explain why they chose them and help you understand the value of utilizing your word as a north star for 2020.
In the intro episode of the Kingdoms and Creators Series: Let’s Just Get Started, Jordan Green and KC Holiday discuss how they met and what sparked their idea to start this series.

Kingdoms and Creators is a series created for early-stage entrepreneurs and creators to help teach you what is required to get started to create your Kingdom. Jordan Green, the creative director, and KC Holiday, the entrepreneur, have partnered to create this videocast specifically for the ambitious individuals who want to start, but aren’t exactly sure where or how to do it. The guys will discuss strategies to be applied to business and brand to help you create your kingdom.

In this video, I discuss what to do to define success for yourself and how to overcome feeling like a failure as an entrepreneur or founder. Success and failure are seen as the only two options for us as entrepreneurs, small business leaders, or startup founders. I believe there are more options than just the success and failure defined for us by social media, other founders, or the elite in business and sports. Begin comparing yourself to where you came from and you’ll have a much different view of success. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other. You will get there and become a successful entrepreneur!

I wish someone had warned me about these ugly truths of entrepreneurship before I started my own business. If you are a new entrepreneur this video is a must-watch to help avoid the issues most founders don’t learn about until it is too late. A lot of people want to be entrepreneurs, but few understand exactly how difficult the journey can be. In this video, I cover my eight ugly truths of entrepreneurship and the difficult parts of growing a business you can expect to experience.

I had no idea what to expect on the first Black Friday weekend with QALO. In this video, I share my story of how my wife and I packed all the orders that came through and what my first Black Friday as an entrepreneur taught me I needed to do next. The chaos of Black Friday weekend made me do these two things and If I never would have done them, QALO would never have been able to become what it is today.

In this video, I describe where I was professionally when I started QALO, and what is required to overcome a lack of experience in business as an entrepreneur. Most people think you need to have an impressive resume before you start your own company, which leads to a lot of people never taking the leap of faith to do it. I am proof that is not the case.

It is scary to take a leap of faith and start anything whether it is a business, a vlog or a YouTube Channel. In this video, I discuss my process for overcoming fear and talk about how I finally found the courage to start a vlog for entrepreneurs after thinking about it for almost a year. I explain why I was fearful of launching my own vlog, and all of the positives and negatives to taking a leap of faith. If you feel yourself holding back from pursuing your dreams, and need some motivation, this video was created for you. Success isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, but I believe we all are capable of building something truly impactful. Being successful is relative, and even if you taking action only leads to one other person’s life being impacted, wouldn’t we say that was worth it? Who knows what it may lead them to go do; maybe build a business, travel the world, or invent the new revolutionary product. It starts with you.

My name is KC Holiday and I am the Founder and Chief Evangelist for QALO. I started it from a living room in 2013 and ended up #51 on the Inc 500 list. I’m first a husband, second a father and third an entrepreneur. This channel is my life as all of those things. In this episode, I preview my channel by sharing who I am as an entrepreneur, how I balance my entrepreneur life with being a husband and father, and the value I hope to give you through my videos.