Why We Don’t Share

I definitely have days where I am hesitant to share what I know.

My worry, “Is it really going to help anyone? Do I know enough to teach others?”

I make the mistake of assuming people already know what I spent nearly a decade learning about growing a business. Each one of us has dedicated a significant amount of time to learning something in our lives.

Business. Marketing. Sales. Art. Video games. Sports. Woodworking.

Once we have spent a certain amount of time doing it, we forget that at one point we didn’t know how to do it. We were a blank canvas. Think about how much you used to think about all the steps when you got in the driver’s seat of your car as a sixteen year old. Now it is all on auto-pilot.

Globalization means there will always be “new” to someone. It’s amazing. There will always be people doing what you have been doing for years for the first time. What information may seem incredibly basic and elementary for you could be completely eye opening and foundation building for someone else.

Share what you know. Never forget the basics.

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