Getting Advice

Who should we go to when we need advice?

The people who have experienced what we are seeking counsel for. The ones who have walked a day in our shoes.

I remember before I was a parent I had all the opinions on the “type” of parent I was going to be. I had no problem judging parents for chasing their kids around, letting them watch TV at a restaurant or buying them fast food. I had a surplus of observed wisdom to share if someone would have just asked me.

Now, after two kids, I wear running shoes to keep up, I take joy in choosing a movie for them so I can get some GD peace at a restaurant, and I give the “Dad Nod” to as many other drivers as I can in the line at Chick-Fil-A.

People who haven’t been through what you are going through will be quick to tell you what they think, and slow to listen. People who have experienced it will be quick to listen, and slow to tell you what they know.

Experience will always be the best teacher.

Published by: KC Holiday

Husband, Father, and Entrepreneur who founded QALO in 2013 and has a passion for using his own learnings and experiences to help others. I love building brands and helping the entrepreneurs behind them become leaders. Thanks for stopping by, never hesitate with any questions.

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One thought on “Getting Advice”

  1. Yes they say as you get older your parents seem to get wiser…lol

    Craig Holiday Holiday Consulting



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