A Guaranteed Surprise

What in our day to day surprises us anymore? Not much. It isn’t the world’s fault, there is plenty of bizarre phenomenons that could knock our socks off. It’s our fault because we create the consistency of the world we live in. Humans don’t love change. I, however, love surprises.

There are two times, as an entrepreneur, that you will always be surprised:

  • When you release a new product. There will always be something to learn about your product after you release it. Even if you think you have every angle covered, you don’t. That is a wonderful thing. You cannot know it all because you can’t possibly expose it to everyone before releasing it (even though MANY people think they can). It may be an unexpected adoption in a demographic, a use-case for the product, or a customer appreciating a part of it you felt was meaningless. It is the beauty of finally releasing that product that generates an enhanced version two. You learn quicker what you didn’t see and you get to use that information to improve it.
  • When you think. Don’t roll your eyes. You’re a problem solver which means the time you dedicate to thinking leads to a new outlook, or what I would call a surprise. The thinking when you genuinely sit on a log in a forest without distraction. Think about what you know. Why you know it. Think about your business. The way you lead. Replay stories in your head. I sat the other day and decided to just relive impactful moments from my childhood. I ended up reliving moments I didn’t know were stored in my brain. Like small treasure chests I was able to open. Now in my thirties, with my own kids, reliving rollerblading when I was seven is a new type of memory. Memories are not stored, they are re-created. You will be pleasantly surprised when you shut out the outside world and just think about who you are, why you are, and what you’ve created. The re-creation of memories opens windows with the potential to show you how to finally bust open the door.

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