Where Did My Day Go?

Do you ever find yourself asking this question at the end of the day?

It is as if we woke up, got dressed and 5:00 pm hit. Everyone has these days but as my mom would say, “I don’t care what everyone else has, I care about the day you have.”

This feeling is especially common for the entrepreneur. Is it because the task list of an entrepreneur is like a scroll that could unravel forever?

No. Sorry. Everyone can find “things” to do.

We should always know where our day went because we are the ones who planned it out. Rarely does everything go according to plan, but the only way to know if isn’t, is to have had a plan in the first place. Every successful attempt at winning begins with a plan to do so. Let’s not treat our days or our businesses differently than the way the Chiefs approached the Super Bowl or the way Michael Jordan approached a game seven.

Prepare. Plan. Execute. Adapt. Win.

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