De-Escalation Of Nerves

Nerves, like anxiety, can be good when addressed and understood. They represent stakes; if stakes are high then you are doing something worthwhile.

What if our nerves are getting the best of us?

Like anything in life talking about it and asking yourself questions are a great way to rationalize a situation and suppress the voices in our head that thrive on fear. I choose to focus on the positive and de-escalate the fear through a rational understanding of potential scenarios. In a moment of heightened nerves people play through the worst case scenarios in their heads, not the best cases. Believing you can is everything.

De-escalation of Nerves

First, take some deep breaths.

What is scaring you the most, and how real is it?

Is it rational probability or irrational emotion?

What would be helpful to ease some of the concern you have?

What are all the potential outcomes here?

Have you prepared as best you could?

What are you most excited about with this opportunity?

What if you get on that stage and crush it?

What do you do really well?

Would you have gotten this opportunity if you didn’t deserve it?

Are you doing this for you, or for the audience? If you are doing it for the audience then you can only fail them if you don’t go up.

What if you just focused on doing it for the people in the audience, not just in front of them?

You have a gift. It is why you are here. Share it and don’t forget how much fun you have doing this. It’s supposed to be fun.

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