Limits and Time Allocation

Once you recognize your personal limits it has a massive effect on your time allocation. You realize you may be spending a ton of time on something you aren’t meant to spend a ton of time on.

When I am talking about limits I am not talking about not trying to improve in as task or a random hobby. I am talking about trying to prove God wrong by ignoring your gifts to challenge your limits. He didn’t get it wrong.

I have this dream of being a singer-songwriter. Except my limits lie in singing, playing an instrument and writing songs. If I commit a significant amount of my time to doing those three things I am robbing myself of the usage of the gifts I was given without limitations.

Therefore, I stomach the humble realization I won’t be James Taylor, and instead focus my time on something I can be GREAT at. There is so much more fulfillment at the end of that path and now I can find the joy in listening to the singer-songwriter instead of being poisoned by my envy of them.

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