The time we are living in right now has to lead to radical transformation. It is as if we agree on an enemy but can’t overcome the slight differences of our allies. Leaving us with guns pointed at the ones shoulder to shoulder with us in the trenches; allowing our enemy to approach step by step with little fight left required to crush and destroy our fragile egos. Every facet of how we exist each day needs to be brought into question.

The way we form community.

The food we eat.

How we work.

The news we read and the news we report.

The silence we run from.

The truth we hide from.

What it means to be human.

They should all be challenged.

The reason we have no feeling of what it means to be human is that we have become obsessed with self-identifying with titles that exacerbate separation in humans. The titles that deceive us into believing we are worthy while we silently wrestle with our emptiness working harder on keeping it a secret than truly healing. The chasm is great and we lack the courage to traverse it. Our self-identification doesn’t serve to deepen connection but instead qualify relationship based on agreement of opinions. We congregate in the comfortable. If this horrible situation now cannot repair broken relationships, transcend familial disagreements or expose the pettiness of political parties, then what will it take?

Let us flip over tables in frustration and call to accountability the ones who profit from tragedy. Let us honor the ones who serve without reciprocity and care for the tear-filled eyes hiding in the shadows. Let us leave no stone unturned in relentless pursuit of transformed hearts. I keep reading about businesses that were created amid the 2008 catastrophe and that is great, innovation is often birthed from crisis but the transformation I am calling for is one of the heart, not of our form of transportation. Here we are Americans, but globally, and in the eyes of God, we are humans. We are fighting and clawing to understand what that even means.

Think bigger, beyond the platforms we’ve created built on polarizing beliefs and this time in our generation could be a historical moment, not because of a virus, but because of humanity’s response to it.

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