The Sacrifice List

I don’t want to leave you hanging after yesterday’s post because I can be a bit harsh. Here is an exercise to help with whatever triggered you. I have this list in my desk and it’s an incredible reminder. It sheds light on my decisions and keeps me grounded and focused.

Write down two columns. Be 100% honest with yourself. It isn’t an ideal list of desires, it is a list of where you are right now.

Column One: Sacrifices in your life you are currently making?

Example 1: I am sacrificing watching TV

Example 2: I am sacrificing family dinners

Example 3: I am sacrificing a stable, steady job

Column Two: What you are making those sacrifices for?

Example: for more sleep

Example: for more time at the office

Example 3: so I can pursue my dream of music

My goal is that you feel content with the sacrifices you are making. Be real with yourself; it is the only way this works. I want positive and negative sacrifice that has come with your consistent behavior. It helpful to understand the opportunity cost of your own life.

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