Low Involvement Purchases

Today it is:

Low Involvement Purchases: The ones I show my wife once I’ve bought them. Forgiveness over permission.

Low-involvement decisions are typically products that are relatively inexpensive and don’t create a severe risk to the buyer if they make a mistake by purchasing them. Buyers often engage in routine response when they make low-involvement decisions—that is, they make automatic purchase decisions based on limited information or information they have gathered in the past. These purchases involve limited problem solving where some research may be done, but routine, habits, product reviews or suggestions from friends often drive these purchases. These purchases are made much more frequently than High Involvement purchases

Examples: Sneakers, sunglasses, apparel, alcohol, skincare

Advice if you are selling this product: Keys are retention and product quality. Make the customer experience so great they don’t feel the need to look at the competition and validate that experience with a great product. The experience extends from the moment they sign up for your email list to long after they’ve purchased and told their friends about you. If you can become their “go-to” routine purchase of this item they won’t feel the need to shop around for other options. Remember though, the pressure is on you here not them. It’s not expensive enough for them to do deep research, but it is enough money for them to explore other options if they have a bad experience. Humans thrive in routine but one misstep can put them in a position to look elsewhere. Retention. Retention. Retention. The customer you already have is way less expensive with way better margin than the one you haven’t captured yet.

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