High Involvement Purchases

It is important to understand the “purchase type” of the product you are selling to help steer marketing direction, retail placement (in-store location), and online customer experience through the journey you provide. In my next three posts, I will cover the three types of purchases.

Today it is:

High Involvement: The ones I purchase with my wife.

These decisions carry a higher risk to buyers if they fail, can be complex, stressful and can be expensive. They are not purchases that are made very often which means purchasers will engage in extended problem solving where they extensively research all options and focus on brand, product quality and price while searching for security in that purchase.

Examples: A car, a house, travel, extended stays (hotels), Insurance policy, tech product

Advice if you are selling this product: Understand the importance of what a customer is going to be researching. There can be high anxiety associated with not just making a decision, but making the wrong decision. Put yourself in their shoes and learn from how you shop for these purchases. Focus on providing security with their purchase to relieve buyer’s remorse and don’t act as if competition doesn’t exist. Instead, know your competition better than they know themselves because I can promise you that customer thinks they know the better option and it is your job to tell them it is you.

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