That Longing You Have In Your Soul

It is your desire for community that COVID has taken away.

You can tell by the unending ways in which people are trying to solve for the lack of it through Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter, Youtube and all the other platforms. I have been so impressed with the creativity that has come with the quarantine. It’s inspiring.

It is also inadequate for the soul. What we are learning is that social media can provide an incredible substitute when a global pandemic hits, but no matter how hard we try, it cannot fill our cup.

Here is the reality that we should acknowledge now more than ever, there is no true 1:1 replacement for in-person human interaction. Social media was created to supplement community, not replace it.

All the effort we have seen has been with the goal of capturing that feeling you have when you sit across someone over a meal, look them in the eye and truly connect. It is the difference you feel when you finally see your spouse in person after FaceTiming miles apart while you were gone on a trip. It is scooping your kids up in your arms as they run towards you. It is just different.

And I miss it.

Humans need each other like plants need the sun.

Stay strong everyone, and until our sunshine returns, continue creating in quarantine.

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