The Mirror By The Elevator

Your sandals snap the back of your sandy feet as you walk through the lobby from the pool to the elevator that will take you up to your King size ocean view room on the 21st floor. You managed to snag one of the hotel’s last rooms for the busy spring break. The elevator button light flicks on as you press your thumb into it. As you pull your thumb back you catch your reflection in the mirror next to the elevator. You’re pleasantly surprised with what you see but you don’t want to cause a scene so you reluctantly face the silver elevator. You sneak a peek over your shoulder to see if there’s anyone around, and when you see no one, you put your eyes back on that mirror. You notice you’re a bit more sun-kissed and you look a little more ripped in that tank now than you did when you were walking out earlier today. One point for the good guys.

No elevator yet.

Your glasses hang down below your chin attached to their Croakies. They’re relatively new and you haven’t seen them on when you’re this tan. You slide them up to your nose and sit them casually on the bridge of it like a photographer is waiting to aggressively snap your picture.

No elevator still.

There’s no photographer. Just that mirror. That mirror that you would think someone had paid to make you look as good as you do now. At this point, you’re not even trying to hide it.

No elevator still.

You are staring into it like you’re the Evil Queen in Snow White, and you’re definitely not Snow White. That tan is glowing, but you’re seeing more now. You’re not just a greek olympian, no, you’re a greek philosopher. You’re looking into the depths of your soul and asking the deepest questions of life. Who are you? Why are you? Are you living your dream? Have you not started that company because you are afraid? Deeper and deeper.

DING. The elevator is here. The doors open and you snap out of it like hypnosis, blinking your eyes as you mosey onto the beige carpeted elevator feeling like a million bucks. All without realizing that the elevator had taken 10 minutes to arrive.

That mirror, mirror on the wall was not there on accident. A psychologist discovered that people don’t realize how long they’re waiting for the elevator to get there if they can look at their reflection in a mirror.

While you’re waiting for that moment to arrive when all your prayers are answered and you are taken to where you belong, take the time to focus on self-reflection and maybe you won’t be waiting so long. 

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