Don’t Bother Convincing

I spent years of my twenties trying to get people to buy silicone wedding rings. I walked into more than enough rooms only to be laughed out of them.

I dealt with more than enough people walking up to my booth to ask me if it was actually a ring for another body part while snickering only to walk away.

I also watched tears roll from the eyes of spouses who completely understood why someone would need a silicone wedding ring.

Do not waste your time trying to convince people to buy your product that don’t understand it. It is not time well spent. There will be a group of people (hopefully a big group) that your product will click for before you’ve even finished your pitch. Find more people like them.

Let the “No’s” be “No’s.” I didn’t try and get back into those rooms and I didn’t chase down the jokesters. I let them go.

Find the people who get it. They make the journey that much easier.

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