Blinded By Vision

As the leader, it is your job to have a vision for the sake of our future in the present, not to ignore the present for the sake of our future. Founders can easily become blinded by their own vision, and while stumbling along the path place the blame on a lack of vision on the only ones who really can see.

If I am near-sighted and you have 20/10 vision, what is blurry to me is clearly defined to you. As a result, if we are journeying together I expect you to see what’s ahead. If you tell me where we are headed and point to a mountain peak in the distance there is an element of trust and truth required from me to press on forward alongside you, because I can only see a few feet before me. I don’t however, expect you to ignore what I can see. Vision must be accompanied by a validated truth of what is being seen and a recognition of what exists between us and that destination. You cannot point to a mountain peak in the distance as our final destination and ignore the waterfall that blocks our path. Even though I don’t have the vision of the peak, I can see the waterfall, and without addressing the rushing water at that moment the peak is a pipe dream.

Vision is required, but on the other side of the coin is a dangerous tool of fallacy. Vision can raise money, can sell you, and can transform risk into excitement, but it can also trick great visionaries into losing sight of what is right in front of them.

“Sure, we may be losing money now, but we are so close to the breakthrough, to the climax of our dream no one else thought we could achieve.”

“If we just get this one deal, we’ll all be rich.”

“If we can just bring this one product to market, we’ll turn a corner.”

“We need to hire people, the revenue is going to come.”

As the leader, the only path is one where you make decisions on what is best for the business based on what is true in the business and allowing that truth to determine if your vision is clouded by your self-interested desire for satiation apart from reality. You need to look into the distance but not without the recognition of what lay at your feet.

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