How I Deal With Creative Block

I wake up each day and write a blog, answer a question on Quora, and conceptualize content.

About 25% of the time I am excited to do it. This means 75% of the time I am searching for creativity and finding vanilla.

Here are the ways I try and attack my creative block:

  • A Glass of Water: Sometimes just getting up from my chair. Filling up a glass of water and sitting in silence while I drink it gets me to a positive mental state.
  • Seek Inspiration: If I am writing a blog I go read someone else’s. If I am making content I go watch some on YouTube. If I am conceptualizing a marketing campaign I will go seek inspiration from brands I admire.
  • Laugh: Laughter is at the root of creativity and does an incredible job wiping a mental slate clean.
  • Start Writing or Recording: I’ve found when I have no choice but to just start doing it that something comes to me. Even if it isn’t useful it shakes the creativity out of the sand its buried in. Write about your morning. Write about how you’re feeling. Start recording what you had for breakfast. Just start.
  • A Little Whiskey: What? Couldn’t hurt.
  • Go For A Walk: Even better if it’s raining


Ways that have not worked:

  • Telling myself I’m a piece of shit
  • Reminding myself how many other great writers there are out there
  • Staring at the screen
  • Binge watching The Office
  • Going on Twitter because everyone on there is so creative

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