A Day To Appreciate

Today is Valentine’s Day. Sure, but more importantly for us in this “We can’t turn it off and are obsessed with our work,” culture, it is a day to give thanks to the ones who put up with our madness.

My wife will never understand the way I am wired or what I do and I should love her even more for that. I need a partner at home who doesn’t need to make sense of how I am and loves me regardless. She is the first to hear an idea and always my first fan.

Our significant others are our constant in the chaos.

The anchor when we’re unprepared and still wish to set sail.

The first to tell us to go for it.

The ones who are okay with the concept of “We’ll figure it out.”

The ones who mend our broken hearts when imminent failure comes.

The ones who share our burdens.

The ones who listen when not even we can make sense of a turn of events.

The ones who give us honest opinions when no one else will.

The ones who create the structure in our worlds.

The ones who willingly take on roles in our family because they know we only know one way.

We aren’t intended to do it alone and fortunately I don’t need to.

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