The Great Storytellers

Force you to think.

Then force you to rethink what you just thought.

Gather you around a campire.

Burn gas in cars parked in driveways because the story only has a few minutes left.

Cause you to question your certainties.

Bring clarity to your confusion.

Give you reason to sit in front of a screen and laugh or cry amongst complete strangers.

Make traffic bearable.



Drain the batteries in flashlights.

Leave you scrolling a website with hunger for inclusion.

Make you feel proud to wear a brand.

Leave you re-telling their story.

Create Industries.

Grant you permission to forget the tiresome drudgery required to just survive.

Remind you of ones who left their mark on your life.

Allow you to be someone you wouldn’t otherwise believe the world would accept.

Create empathy.

Are always remembered.

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