The Buffer Required

The goal in business as well as life should always be simplification. Having a buffer as a result of simplification will always provide you an opportunity to take a risk.

Life outside work slows down for no one. People still get sick. Kids will wake you up early. How can we have as few self-inflicted difficulties keeping us up at night? If your revenue increases you are not forced to have your overhead run a parallel path, and never let it become the leader. As a founder, you should take pride in doing more with less. It forces structure and allows a buffer for the risks required to grow.

Having high monthly overhead or too much leverage based on hope is why people start making decisions for the wrong reasons both in business and life. It forces risk. It forces you to enter that channel even though it may negatively impact your brand or take that job for the money even if it eats away at your soul. Sleep is vital. Freedom is priceless.

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