Care About You In A Week

My wife loves to order Whole Foods to be delivered because the thought of trekking to the store with arms full of floppy babies and wriggling toddlers is incredibly overwhelming for her. I don’t like it. I never get what I want. The reason is that she will knock on my office door while I am in the middle of writing or working and she will say, “I am putting a Whole Foods order in what do you want?”

I sweat. I panic. I cycle through all my potential cravings as I tilt my head back and furrow my brow to remember if I’m doing any funky diet at the moment, and I freeze.

“Nothing I can think of right now,” is always my answer.

I can’t think about what I will be hungry for in a week at this exact moment. This is the life of an early-stage entrepreneur or founder. There is always too much to do to care about yourself in a week. This is the problem. You have a task list the length of your arm that shows up each day without fail. Then your head will hit the pillow and you will repeat the cycle tomorrow. In 6 months you’ll forget what you did and your work will be forgettable. If you are tasking yourself with being creative every day you will fail. You need to have at least a few days at the beginning of every month where you say, today is when I care about myself over the next week or month and you try to plan and accomplish as much as you can to relieve stress from the future you. Do it. Write four blog posts so you can drop one a week and don’t need to think about it again until next month. Choose the five photos you are going to post for the week and write a caption for each.

Today after reading this, take two hours and finish a daily task you have for the week in one day. Get them all done today and tomorrow you have just created time for yourself.

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