Stop Under-Managing

I’ll say it. Empathy and emotional intelligence have driven us to under-manage our teams. I’m a huge emotional intelligence advocate, however when society tries to make up for something it has ignored the result is often overcorrection. Hands-off leadership is often not leadership at all. We have become so concerned with the emotional well being of the ones underneath us that instead of leading and guiding we under-manage, negatively impacting the manager as well as the team. Delegation without instruction, or freedom without communication is not managing simply because you hit the “management blog buzzwords.”

Delegation with instruction and vision is empowerment.

Freedom as a result of trust through communication fulfills potential.

Managers are called managers for a reason, they need to actively manage their people. The most well behaved kids are the ones who are given discipline, structure and guidance on the difference between right and wrong. Your kids will take a mile if you give them an inch and it is your job to set a tone, not to make your life easier, but to improve theirs. Management requires the same structured environment. Your team must understand what it means to be successful and should be provided a framework to excel in. Let it be chaos, but controlled chaos that thrives within the structured environment you’ve created.

Instead of being so concerned with the emotional well being of your team by constantly addressing emotions, care for their emotional well being through structure, performance feedback, and honest communication. You are in that role because you have more experience or were considered capable enough to manage others, so actively manage them.

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