Startups Are Diets

They only change your life if you stick with them. Every five years or so a new revolutionary diet comes around that disproves or one-ups a previous one and with the endorsement of a celebrity or popular figure will take America by storm. Diets will work for a few and won’t for others and the ones for whom it does not work will wait on their Instagram feeds for the next bachelor contestant to recommend a new one. There is always one waiting in the wings because there will always be a need for them. Diets aren’t attacking your nutrition they are attacking your commitment. The ones who lose weight are the ones who want it bad enough to deny their previous selves and focus on a clearly defined goal. All of the diets have the potential to work but the difference of success comes from the one in charge of the dedication and sacrifice.

You must stick it out for the long haul and stepping on the scale every once in a while to check on progress is fine, but you must understand what you are building will take time and you must be relentlessly committed to the vision you have in your mind, whether it’s of your body or your business.

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