I’m shaken. More so than I thought I would be, but the more I process it the more I realize my life has been lived in parallel with his. It’s as if a bit of my life came to an abrupt halt. As a Southern California kid, Kobe was everything to us growing up.

My deeply rooted passion for the Lakers.

The hours I willingly gave to Lakers games.

My competitive edge.

The memories he created for me.

The bond I shared with my family over the Lakers.

All a result of his work ethic. His drive. His unrelenting desire for greatness. I have so many wonderful experiences because he was willing to outwork others. That is true impact. When others have memories as a result of your work ethic. I am sad today because he was a once in a lifetime athlete, a once in a lifetime mind, and a once in a lifetime teacher. I am grateful for the memories he gave us and so devastated for the ones he doesn’t get to create for us in the future.

Miss you #24

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