If None Of It Mattered

What if none of it mattered? Would you still do it? Would you wake up tomorrow, change a behavior and tackle something else because if it all is operating on the same meaningless playing field, then you might as well see what else it out there. Would that be freeing? Discouraging?

Initially, the thought of my personal significance not being tied to achievements or accomplishments is a bit discouraging. How am I going to have ambition if none of it matters? Why would I need drive? How am I going to keep myself motivated if my value isn’t tied to what I can achieve? One who finds themselves placing their personal value in accomplishments or status would certainly find this to be a depressing de-motivator.

(Guilty as charged)

Yet, the more I sat in this thought, trying to understand my motivators and triggers, I had my “aha” moment. It isn’t about the achievements at all. I will never be worthy enough if my personal value is tied to achievements. There will always be the next goal. There will always be the next rung of the ladder. Knowing there is always another mile that could be be run, that will always leave me with a sliver of discontent, is substantially more demotivating than detaching myself from the value before I start.

With the detachment I can get to a position where I am loved, worthy and valuable apart from my achievements. I can dream, I can run, I can chase and regardless of the space between myself and the rungs of the ladder I am valuable. I am me. I matter regardless. You won’t need to compromise your integrity or your character. What is more motivating than knowing your value is protected and safe? You matter, regardless of the size of your trophy case or the framed diplomas on your wall? You have value whether your trophy case is empty or not, so might as well go try and fill it.

Go create regardless. It doesn’t have the power to change your worth.

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