Some Questions to Ask Yourself

The great minds I have studied have all done one thing well: they asked questions. These questions can apply to you personally or your business, or answer them for both.

Here we go 2020:

  • In looking back at 2019, who and how did you serve without expectation of reciprocity?

  • What in your business or life are you pretending not to know because any action required toward truth would be difficult or have consequences?

  • What does it really mean to “improve” as defined by you?

  • What is one small thing you could do everyday to create change? (We don’t break habits we replace them)

  • As you set your goals for the New Year, who are you comparing your 2020 self to? Last year’s you? The you from the last five years? The best or worst version of yourself you can think of in the last decade? (Keep this true for 2020 to whoever that is)

  • What would it look like if you were kinder in 2020? How would that play out in action?

  • What is the worst that could happen to you in 2020 apart from tragedy/injury/death? How scary is it really?

  • If you did find out 2020 was your last year to live, what questions would you want the answers to?

  • What needs to happen for you in 2020 for someone at the end of it to say, “There’s something different about you?”

  • Finally, what needs to happen for you in 2020 for someone at the end of it to say, “That must have been so scary, how did you find the courage to do it?”

I gave you some space below each one in case you wanted to print it out and fill it out.

Happy New Year to you all.

KC Holiday

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