Managers and Leaders

They do not always go hand in hand. Simply because someone is a great leader does not make them a great manager and if someone is a great manager, it does not mean they are a great leader. Management can be taught, but leadership must be earned.

Imagine it like this. The leadership is the goal and the management is the objectives. Without a leader, there is no mission, and without managers, you’ll never accomplish an objective. The leader wants to win the war and empowers his soldiers towards that goal, but understands in order to do that his soldiers must win the battles that make up that war. This is where the manager comes in. Managers are activators who are focused on winning the battle at hand. Leaders are thinking about how that battle will affect the whole war.

The great ones haven’t always possessed both skillsets initially. Sometimes the recognition you don’t have both skills is the perfect place to start your search for supplementation to get your business to the next level. Your great managers will learn from great leaders and great leaders cherish great managers.

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