Who Am I Doing It For?

Do we even know? Why do we wake up each day full of intent and eagerness to tackle the next obstacle that lays in our path?

Am I doing it for myself?

For my spouse?

My kids?

My beliefs?

Out of respect for my parents?

Out of expectations from my parents?

My customers?

My dog? (The answer here is “yes” if you’re reading this John Wick)

Maybe all of them!?!?

There is a “Who” behind our ambition. Who is it?  Once you ask yourself this and truly understand your healthy “Who” behind your ambition, you will find it much easier to be grounded in the highs and raised in the lows. It also creates a north star for sacrifice. The “Who” creates perseverance. It allows the fruits of your labor to be shared, even if its with just a proud version of yourself.

In my next post I will elaborate on how to find the “Who”…

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