The Switch

If you’re a fan of sports you hear a lot of teams reference the ability to flip a switch when necessary for an upcoming deep playoff run. Most of these teams brutally realize their inability to do so leaving them on the receiving end of a four-game sweep.

As entrepreneurs, we believe we have the ability to flip a switch the way these teams do, yet ours is not to switch it on for a big revenue weekend, or upcoming planning meetings. We think we have the ability to switch it off.

“When the holidays are around we’ll just shut it off and recover for a bit.”

Then we find ourselves buried in our phones while our kids are opening presents, or missing out on smiles over Christmas dinner because we just need to send this one email or check the LinkedIn app. You don’t have an off switch, but you desperately need to shut off for a while. The same way these teams need to let strategy, discipline, and pacing set themselves up for the playoffs, we need to attack rest the same way. Yes, I said attack rest. It is as vital as the strategy you are putting together for next year. If Winston Churchill can create the discipline to nap every day during WWII, you can do the same while growing your e-commerce business. It must be planned rest, not a reliance on a switch. It doesn’t exist and if you don’t plan for it, your rest won’t either.

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