If You’re Dreading Family Time This Christmas

Let’s do some math together to help you ease some of the pain. The post is not intended to be depressing, instead, it is intended to help you appreciate every moment you have each time you’re all together.

If you live away from your parents and family as I do, you most likely see them twice a year, maybe less, maybe a little more, but for ease of calculator free math let’s say twice a year.

Let’s say your parents or parent, are in their late 60’s or 70’s. Now do the math on how many times you are going to see them before their time comes utilizing the average age of death for a male (which is earlier than a female) at 79 years old. Now, God-willing we all live to be 100, and you will have countless times together in the future, but the intention here is to help you understand the value of the time spent together this year. If you’ve lost a parent, as I have, you understand this better than anyone.

With each year I have more kids or they get older, I come to appreciate the sacrifice my parents made for me. Enjoy your time together. Maybe you’ll even catch yourself asking them about their life when they were your age.

History is a great teacher.

Happy Holidays to you all and I hope for wonderful time spent together.

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