I’ve always been heartbroken watching the human pursuit of artificial acceptance through a disguise. The reluctance of facing our own realities at the risk of not being accepted is exactly what leaves us feeling the outcast. True acceptance, a trait humans desire, requires no mask. However, you cannot be truly accepted into any worthy society if you find yourself waking up each morning and putting one on in order to find artificial acceptance.

It becomes an endless cycle of dissatisfaction with your own life, and instead of removing the mask and dealing with self to find others who can love that self, we instead grab more paintbrushes. One stroke after another recreating the mask we wear in pursuit of adoption. Acceptance.





If you are leading you cannot create a vision through the tiny eyeholes you’ve cut out of your mask. True leadership allows others to exist and thrive sans mask, but the difficult truth for you the leader is that you must take your mask off first in order for others to do the same. Honesty in leadership starts with showing one’s face so others know who they follow. You cannot unify other false realities through your own.

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