Hungry Hippos

When we find ourselves caught in the midst of chaos we often feel trapped and helpless to improve the situation. It becomes easy to be overwhelmed and shut down, or in human nature, start a Hungry Hippos mindset where each person in the chaos tries to grab as many marbles as they can before the huge mouths of the others gobble up what you “could have had.”

We can choose to contribute to the madness with self-interested promotion and disregard for the impact on the chaos, only increasing the symptoms, and taking the situation further from resolution as a result. Or we can try and best understand why the chaos exists, understand each person’s motivation, and work towards resolution of the chaos where each hippo sacrifices a few marbles, but we all get to keep playing the game.

Your behavior can impact the bunch. Leadership isn’t found at the end of your self-interest. Hungry Hippos has always been about the Hippos, not the game.

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