True Change

The root of true change is the willingness of an individual to challenge the accepted. One must take the risk of turning left when the collective society is turning right, or at the very least ask to see the map. There will forever be a risk associated with challenging what people have chosen to accept.

We underestimate the impact of our conditioning by what we consume, who we surround ourselves with, and the leaders we choose to follow. History is a collection of examples of people’s courage to challenge the status quo of the time. They were humans with the same desires, passions, concerns, and fears that we have, which is why we love reading the stories of the ones that were able to create change through a challenge of a cultural norm. They did it. They somehow woke up each day and said, “Why are we all okay with this?” Most humans are okay with it because we cannot overcome the need we have for societal acceptance. We step over the questions we should be asking to get to the side of acceptance. We crave it. Whether from ourselves, as we have our hands wrapped around our own necks with self-denigration, or from others as we perpetually adjust our being as an act of conformity with the hopeful result of acceptance.

Challenge what you know, don’t hide amongst the crowd, stand tall in your desire for change, and do something about it.

Abraham Lincoln was odd. How fortunate we are for that oddity.

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