The Story Only You Can Tell

In the noisy world of marketing, everyone is fighting tooth and nail to try and create the ad that will bring a thumb to a halt and capture the attention of the scroller. Humor. Memes. Gifs. White background product photos. No product in a photo. You test and test and test to see what will work so you can create more of it and capture the sale beyond just the attention.

There is one story that needs to be told that only you can tell. The story of what you started, why you started and how you started. Authentic. Honest. Unique to you. There is a place for creativity in advertising, but true differentiation comes from what gave you the courage to start. The problem so great you HAD to solve it.

Have you ever heard a story that is so crazy someone couldn’t write it? That’s the story customers re-tell and once they’ve told it once, you have a customer for life.

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