Setting Business Objectives

Far too often businesses are living in the “moment” and not relying on set objectives to drive their business forward. Objectives should be born through how our business currently sits today, what it will be and what it should be.

They should serve as the action with which the mission of your organization should be implemented, and also the set standard that the performance of the organization and its employees should be measured. Whether you are an organization of one, or 1,000 your organization needs objectives to accomplish the set mission.

Setting objectives can feel like a daunting task if you are an entrepreneur growing a business alone or with a small team, but I can promise you if you take one day and commit it to setting your business objectives you will wake up the next day feeling more inspired to tackle the objectives you set. You cannot wake up each day, work in the weeds, and expect to be able to impact a future for your business beyond tomorrow.

Do it. It’s a great exercise. If you just dig each day without knowing where you’re digging, you may find yourself in quite the hole.

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