Would Peloton do it again?

In advertising and marketing, no one knows exactly what will happen. We can use as much data and analytics as possible, but nobody truly knows what will make an advertisement go viral or avoid a complete flop.

We use what we know, but creativity will always create a variable. Peloton released a commercial recently, which I am sure you have heard the controversy over unless the rock you’ve been living over has gotten a bit heavier over the holidays. No judgment, sometimes it’s kind of nice when it is too heavy to lift. There has been an uproar over what some may describe as sexist, or was it pointless, or poorly copy written, or out of touch commercial? For as many people who are angry about it, there are an equal amount coming to its defense, while the rest of us scratch our heads and wonder if either side is just wasting their time over a reasonably simple ad for exercise equipment.

I tend to air a bit more in the, “At this point, we’re really just creating issue pinadas so we have something to loudly bash with our opinions,” camp. With all of the uproar though, I want to ask an interesting question,

“Would Peloton remake that commercial?”

If they did have the luxury of knowing exactly what this commercial was going to do, would they still go through making it the exact way? If they did choose to change it, what would they change? In every uproar that erupts as a result of marketing, there is an opportunity to learn.

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