One of my favorite minds in the world belongs to Ravi Zacharias. Here is a piece from his most recent book release:

I heard a story of a little boy who had lots of pretty marbles. But he was constantly eyeing his sister’s bagful of candy. One day he said to her, “If you give me all your candy, I’ll give you all my marbles.” She gave it much thought and agreed to the trade. He took all her candy and went back to his room to get his marbles. But the more he admired them, the more reluctant he became to give them all up.

So he hid the best of them under his pillow and took the rest to give to her. That night she slept soundly, while he tossed and turned restlessly, unable to sleep and thinking, “I wonder if she gave me all the candy?

People will always be restless and find themselves in doubt because of their own duplicity. How are you intended to trust others if your own behavior isn’t trustworthy?

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