Fantasy Football

Each Sunday morning I grab my cup of coffee, find my cozy spot on the couch and set my fantasy football lineup. On paper it looks perfect. Through trades, extensive research of the waiver wire, and a robust draft plan I feel I have done the best job I can possibly do with the circumstances I was given.

Each team I own in three different leagues has lost four weeks in a row, falling from first with the leagues in the palm of my hand to my fingertips turning red as I hold on the last playoff position. Each of those Sundays started off with a stout confidence. I felt like I have done everything right…and yet I lose.

Mondays in a workweek also have felt like my Sunday morning fantasy routine. I feel good. I am excited about the plan, and feel like I have assembled the best possible team to do the task. Yet, some weeks we don’t succeed. I don’t succeed.

The eternal truth. We cannot control everything. Even if we set ourselves up to the best of our abilities to be successful, we may sometimes fail. A plan on paper is just that, and you won’t know how great it really is until it is enacted. Whether in fantasy or an office, our success will never stop being reliant on others. Let this dictate emotions when things go wrong, and stop beating yourself up over it happening when you did everything you could with the knowledge you had.

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