Paid to watch a conversation

I have become a big fan of Dax Shephard through his podcast, Armchair Expert, and it’s not only because we both share an affinity for overalls regardless of the occasion or day of the week. It is because he is who he is, and he owns it. His aggressive vulnerability actually leads to guests becoming noticeably uncomfortable. As if I can hear them squirm through the speakers in my truck, and with each pause, or “umm,” I become more and more attached to the podcast.

I had the opportunity to go to a live recording this weekend, and watch three people sit on a stage and talk. That is all they did. Three microphones, one host, one producer, and one guest. It was like I had taken a time machine. No pictures allowed during the taping, just pure, uncomfortable, raw human interaction, and it was awesome.

In 2019, I paid to sit in a room and watch people just have a conversation about life, careers, and parenting for over an hour.

And I’d do it again.

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