Set a plan

You can still pivot with a business plan. So often throughout the growth of my company I found myself, as well as my teams, hesitant to set a plan because we felt as though it would trap us and disallow us from being opportunistic or pivoting quickly.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Having a plan gives you an unemotional foundation as to which you can analyze any opportunity that comes across your desk. Now you’re comparing an opportunity to a current plan instead of letting your emotion force you in a direction that may not be right for the business. Rather than being opportunistic anytime something new comes up, leading to a lack of focus and structure, have a plan that the new opportunity can plug into, allowing your teams to all get on the same page and make a wise decision on if you should pursue that new direction.

Set a plan. It doesn’t turn your speed boat into a cruise ship, it simply gives that speed boat a map.

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