Seeking Perfection

Stop seeking perfection. Start seeking something you are proud of.

The two cycles of an entrepreneur.

  • Seek to perfect your idea, brand, website, product…
  • Get discouraged because you can’t get it perfect
  • Be too prideful to release it to the world
  • Never gain real feedback other than the voices in your own head.
  • World misses out on a great idea you had.
  • Repeat


  • Have an idea
  • Seek to create the perfect idea, brand, website, product…
  • Fall short like everyone does because perfection doesn’t exist
  • Release them all anyway because your company isn’t about perfection it is about your mission and executing on that mission
  • Try and gain proof of concept
  • Find out your version of perfection wasn’t actually what was perfect for your customers
  • Recreate and evolve your product based on real consumer feedback
  • Sell more product authentically
  • Be proud of what you are building
  • Repeat

Unfortunately, ideas get stuck in the rut of perfection. Get it to the point you can be proud of what you’ve done, and go tell as many people as you can.

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