I love the concept of cats getting stuck in trees. A firefighter may feel differently, but here is why I love it.

You’re a cat. You’re lounging out in the sun on a hot summer’s day and you see a bird at the top of an oak tree in your yard. That little skinny legged punk is chirping at you, taunting you, winking at you. Just asking you to come eat it.

So what do you do?

You sharpen your claws and trot over to the base of that tree. What was once a soft padded paw is now a collection of ice picks digging into the wooded trunk locking in your position as you climb. “That arrogant ball of feathers will be a nice dessert, or maybe you’ll just keep it and use it as a servant like Scar did with Zazu,” you think to yourself. You’re getting ahead of yourself. You must remain focused and get there first. Free solo cat. The bird in its arrogance has become focused on taunting other variations of it’s kind, and has forgotten all about you.

You wait underneath it. Waiting, then a quick swipe and swallow. You didn’t have the patience to wait. Full, fat and happy you realize it’s time to return home. You look down. Shit.

Climb like a cat after that goal that taunts you. You can look down once you’re full.

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