Cat nap

My father in law took a contract job in Yokohama, Japan when I first started QALO. He had previously worked in Africa, Southeast Asia, Bangladesh and Australia, so he had seen plenty of workplace environments. Though on his first day at work in Japan he experienced something truly unexpected.

While seated at his desk doing his work, the electricity in the building shut off. He paused for a second, and looked for guidance from his co-workers on safety protocol or an exit plan. Instead he watched each one of his fellow team members pull out a small pillow, lay it on their desk and place their head on that fluffy little bundle of joy. They had designated nap times in his workplace because they understood the value of that quick mental shut down you can provide your body. As someone who I know loves napping, I can only imagine his joy. Give yourself a nice little cat nap today, you won’t regret it.

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