They lived it for us to learn

I am more and more impressed by the wisdom of historical figures and the courage they had to share it. The knowledge they gained was through real life or the writing from historical figures before them. They didn’t have YouTube (One of my favorite learning tools recently discovered).

War. Love. Peace. Patience. Grief. They had to feel it to learn it, and then feel compelled enough to write about it to benefit us years later. Now we can read accounts of the Holocaust and feel oppression. We can read The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis and learn to empathize with his grief. We can dive into War and Peace by Tolstoy and understand the atrocity of war.

For me, the greatest books on leadership, wisdom, faith, and perspective were written hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Although, we may not be around to know the magnitude, don’t devalue the impact you can have on future generations through your courage today.

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