Your business is not your baby

Please. Please. Stop calling your business your baby. It is not. It is your business. Being a parent is about having a wonderfully unhealthy relationship with a child that you would do anything for including risk your own life. I am 24/7 on for my kids. There is nothing more important than my kids. They push me to the brink, and exhaust me during the day, then when I put them down at night, I want to immediately wake them back up to hang out with them. It’s the most rewarding hostage situation that you wouldn’t trade for the world.

Your business is numbers, and product, and a service that you are providing to others. Stop putting so much pressure on it. Your plumbing business is not your baby. Your apparel company is not your baby. It is your company. A great idea that you created, but you should not have an unhealthy emotional attachment to your business. The only healthy attachment I would parallel is you shouldn’t put unrealistic expectations on your business. Instead, raise it with encouraging hope that it will be it’s own best version of itself.

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