What motivates you?

A more important question than you think. Often we fall under the spell of assuming we are motivated by the same things as the people that surround us.

“Oh yeah, we’re all in this for the money.”

“It’s not about money, it’s about the experiences.”

“I just want more professional experience.”

You may catch yourself saying one of the above, but let’s dissect it further:

Money can provide you a lot of things. A yacht. A 401k. Education for your kids. I would argue that money isn’t your driver, the tool of money is, but the driver that motivates you is the outcome of having that tool.

Experiences are great, but is it…

A weekend at Coachella. A camping trip out of your car. That European vacation you’ve had on your bucketlist. All experiences, very different tools required to fulfill these experiences. I don’t have a recipe. I just think it is healthy to be honest with ourselves about what motivates us, then dissect that further, then a little further, and understand which tool we really need to satiate that desire. Then maybe getting out of bed will be a bit easier each day.

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