Imagine you decide that you are going to host this amazing party and you want to get as many people there as you possible can. You believe it is going to be epic.

So epic in fact that you go out and raise a bunch of money to make it incredible. You take all of the money you raised and you get a rad venue, and then take the rest of the money and print a million flyers out. You then hire teams to scatter these flyers all over the largest cities in America, and put up a billboard in Times Square.

The hype is there! People are so pumped. They’ve told all their friends who’ve told their friends and tons of people are coming. The party of the century is upon us.

The night of the party arrives and guests start showing up. They walk in and see an empty venue with a small punch bowl on a folding table. People are packed wall to wall, but there is no music, no booze, and zero reason to stay at this party. People begin coming in the front door and leaving out the back door as soon as they can walk to the other side. They then text their friends that the party blows and those friends don’t even bother to show up.

Get people to your party, but invest as much in making the party epic, and keeping them there, as you do in telling them the party exists. The lifetime value of a customer is directly reliant on you making an experience so great on the other side of an advertisement that they’re calling their friends telling them to hurry up to the party.

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