One of the most commonly used acronyms in startup business is MVP, or Minimum Viable Product. Basically, it means once you have your product to it’s minimum viability, or it’s good enough to show customers, then it’s ready to be released. As someone who rolled out a product that needed hand-held quality control for every one we sold, I am in favor of the MVP mentality. As creators, we are perfectionists, and often this ends up meaning we create iteration after iteration of our product, but because it won’t ever be perfect, it never gets released. The value in an MVP is that you receive customer feedback, develop use cases and learn more about product capabilities than you would with the product sitting on your desk or desktop.

One caveat however, don’t release a product that isn’t ready just to satisfy your MVP. An MVP certainly does not mean just throwing garbage out there, because then you can just allow the customer to do the hard development work for you. With a lazy product, you won’t get a chance at a second iteration because there won’t be any customers. Viable is the keyword. Don’t be scared to roll it out, but make sure you at least feel okay with what you are putting out there and you are committed to making it better.

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